Who We Are

Andy Simpson, Megan Simpson, Harvest Moon Shoppes

Stating it simply, we’re a quirky husband and wife team with a passion for transforming junk into functional products.

Maybe we’re cheap, perhaps we’re crafty, but none-the-less we’re doing what we love and we hope that you do too!

"Revealing the Beauty of Junk!"

What We Do

Upcycle Upcycle Rescuing items that would normally be considered trash or waste, and transforming them into artistic, usable and functional products.
Repurpose Repurpose To use or convert something into another product or for another use.
Reengineer Reengineer Breaking down a product's design, features, and functions and transforming those into an alternative design, feature, or function.

What We Make

Coleman Lantern Converted to Electric

Reengineered Lighting

We convert battery and gas powered lighting to electric

Copper Bucket Pendant Light

Repurposed Copper Pail Pendant Light

With the help of a .410 shotgun, we create one-of-a-kind lights from rusty objects

Upcycled Mason Jar Soap Pump

Upcycled Ball Jar Soap Pump

We scoop up every vintage Ball jar we can to make these authentic Ball Jar Soap Dispensers

Wine Bottle Torch Kit

Wine Bottle Torch Kits

We designed and engineered hardware kits that create outdoor torches from glass bottles

Wine Bottle Wall Vase Kit

Wine Bottle Wall Vases

Hardware kit that allows wine bottles to be mounted and suspended from walls to create wall vases

Industrial Curtain Rod Hangers

Repurposed Industrial Curtain Rod Holders

Industrial curtain rod holders for those modern/industrial designs

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Gentleman Jack Soap Pump

Upcycling Jack Daniels bottles into soap pumps

Egg basket light

Egg Basket Pendant Light

Vintage wire egg baskets make great pendant lights

Galvanized Bucket Light

Galvanized Bucket Light

Repurposing galvanized buckets as pendant lights

Where We Sell

Harvest Moon Shoppes Etsy The world's #1 marketplace for artists, crafters, and upcyclers.
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Purple Fern Winchester A boutique shop seated in Old Town Winchester, VA that specializes in handmade, eclectic, and vintage goodies
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Your Store Could Be Here Are you a store owner? We offer our products at wholesale rates for reselling as well as on consignment. Our products sell! We’d love to hear from you.
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